Youths in Ciudad Juarez Graduate from Employability Workshops

Youth Employability Program

April 16, 2015 – Today Emprendete Juarez celebrated the graduation of 88 young people attending employability workshops, which were conducted in five community centers in Ciudad Juarez under the program Youth: Work Mexico.  Empréndete Juárez is currently the implementing organization for Youth: Work Mexico in Ciudad Juarez.  The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the International Youth Foundation (IYF) selected Emprendete Juarez to maintain continuity and sustainability of the program from its ninth generation on.

Youth from vulnerable areas participate in the program. Through a 115-hour training certified by the Ciudad Juarez Autonomous University, participants discover and develop life skills with the goal of accessing educational and employment opportunities. The participants receive personalized monitoring for up to four months.

This initiative is implemented in partnership with the Government of the State of Chihuahua, the Municipal Government of Ciudad Juarez and CONALEP Campus II.

Youth: Work Mexico was launched in 2010 under the leadership of USAID and IYF and is aimed at addressing the challenges faced by young people in Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana. By working with local civil society and the private sector, the initiative helps create safe spaces for disadvantaged young people and prepares them to have a viable future through employment.  Dignified employment allows young people to reach their potential and be healthy, productive and active citizens, and reduces the possibility of them participating in criminal activities.

The model is innovative as young participants are trained by young people.  For recruitment, implementation and monitoring, Youth: Work Mexico has 10 young social entrepreneurs from Ciudad Juarez who act as facilitators, mentors and counselors who encourage young people to reintegrate into the school system, get technical training or access a job.

In Ciudad Juarez, more than 9,000 young people have benefited from the initiative Youth: Work Mexico. The employability program has graduated 1,987 young people from the first 10 generations in Ciudad Juarez. About 70% of them are currently employed or have gone back to school.