Winners Announced: Green Projects to Combat Climate Change

Green Projects Winners

August 21, 2015 – In June, the U.S. Consulate General in Ciudad Juarez and the Fundacion Comunitaria de la Frontera Norte launched the grant call “Green Projects to Combat Climate Change” aimed at individuals, groups or civil society organizations looking to generate positive environmental impact in Ciudad Juarez.

Eleven proposals were reviewed and the jury, composed of experts in the field and representatives of the foundation and the Consulate, had a difficult task when selecting the best projects.

The selected projects scored high on the criteria established in the competition rules, including: clearly identifying and justifying the environmental challenge to solve; offering innovative, inexpensive, durable and feasible solutions for the region; identifying and anticipating the outcomes and impacts; demonstrating consistency between objectives, activities, budget, implementation schedule and expected results; and having community involvement in solving the problem.

The Winning Projects

The neighborhood committee of the Che Guevara / Km 5 community will implement a drip irrigation system in their community park. In addition to generating a public space, it will contribute directly to improving the environment, by generating a CO2 sink which will help mitigate urban heat islands.

The organization Juarez Limpio will develop a web directory of recycling companies and waste collection centers in Ciudad Juarez. Besides being a geo-referenced interactive web directory, the Juarez Recycle platform will maintain information on topics like the 3’Rs and the value of waste composting.

The organization Aqua XXI will train students, teachers and environmental promoters on how to teach others about climate change further encouraging the participation of other groups in solving environmental problems and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources.

These projects will be supported with financial resources and technical assistance. The project managers have until September 2016 to implement them.