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U.S. Consulate General Nuevo Laredo

U.S. Consulate History

The first Consular Agent of Nuevo Laredo was commissioned on November 15, 1871. He was Mr. Thomas Gilgan, an American Citizen and a storekeeper in Nuevo Laredo. Just six months after he began his new job, Mr. Gilgan was asked by the Secretary of State to live in Laredo, TX due to the closure of businesses in Nuevo Laredo from political unrest and military occupation.

By 1889, Nuevo Laredo became the second most important port for all of Mexico. The office was subsequently elevated to a Consulate General with supervision over all Consular establishments in Northern Mexico including Monterrey, Saltillo, Mier, Matamoros, Piedras Negras, Guerrero, Camargo, Paso del Norte, Victoria, Sierra Mojada, Chihuahua, and others. During this period the office was located at the corner of Bravo and Matamoros streets. A year later the office was moved to an upgraded facility and location on the Plaza Hidalgo.

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U.S. Consulate General Nuevo Laredo

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