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U.S. Consulate General Hermosillo


Nestled in the state of Sonora in northwest Mexico, Hermosillo is both the economic and political capital of the State. A shared culture, geography and a closely linked history mean that Hermosillo and the state of Sonora have much in common with Arizona. Although the name of the city in Spanish, signifies “pretty little place”, and retains its charm, Hermosillo is quickly becoming a thriving metropolis, as new investors come to the city to take advantage of the highly educated workforce and proximity to major U.S. markets.

The warmth of the Sonoran summer is complemented by the friendliness of the people residing in Hermosillo. From long-term residents, to wintering “snow birds”, to seasonal hunters and fishermen, the state of Sonora and city of Hermosillo welcomes its visitors with open arms.

The United States Consulate in Hermosillo is located near the major centers of power in the city and has responsibility for all of the state of Sinaloa and the southern two-thirds of the state of Sonora. Although much of its activity is dedicated toward providing visas to legitimate travelers to the United States, the officers and staff work to ensure that American citizens visiting and residing in the area are provided courteous and expeditious service when they visit the Consulate.