If there is a group traveling together you should apply for visas together. You will first need to follow this process to receive authorization for a group interview appointment.  Please keep in mind that the scheduling service can only schedule a group once the Consular Section authorizes the group interview.  Otherwise applicants are welcome to schedule individual interviews.  Please apply early.

If you meet the following requirements you may request group interview:

  • Traveling in a group of 3 or more with coordinated itinerary and purpose of travel (this does not include families traveling together nor tour agency groups)
  • If members have same USCIS granted petition number whether temporary workers, performing group, support staff, etc.
  • Examples include sports teams, student groups on cultural exchange programs, co-workers attending training or conventions together

Please note that parents and chaperones are not allowed to apply as part of a group of minors.

You may request to be processed as a group when you schedule your appointment at  Simply follow the instructions to request a group appointment.