Members of Commercial Ship or Flight Crew (C1/D)

Individual C-1/D visas are issued to crew members of international airlines and to aliens required for the normal operation and service of a vessel. In the case of the latter, in determining who qualifies for the C-1/D visa, we take into consideration the individual’s responsibilities and activities on the ship. For example the most commonly issued C-1/D visas are to crew members of cruise liners and include, but are not limited to, beauticians, entertainers and lifeguards.

Required Documentation:

  1. Valid Passport
  2. The DS-160 application form confirmation page
  3. Original Bank Receipt for Application Fee
  4. A letter from your employer on letter headed stationary confirming your employment with the company and period that you will be in the United States
  5. For private yacht or commercial ship crewmen please also bring your librettos del mar

Optional Documentation:

Optional documentation can vary depending on the applicant’s personal situation. The following are mere suggestions that may help the officer to assess your intentions to return to Mexico and is not an exhaustive list of what applicants should present to their interview.

  1. Passports containing all previous U.S. visas, even if expired
  2. Birth certificate (original or certified copy)
  3. Voter Registration Card (IFE) if 18 or over
  4. Proof of Finances (bank statements, Cedula Fiscal, tax documents)
  5. Proof of Education (school diploma, Cedula Profesional)
  6. Proof of Employment (pay slips, company credential, letter from Human Resources Department)