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Victims of Crime
April 6, 2021

Information for U.S. citizens victims of crime in Mexico

Being the victim of a crime in a foreign country can be a devastating and traumatic experience.  While no one can undo the emotional trauma, physical injury, or financial loss you may have experienced, the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Mexico are ready to help. We are very concerned about a violent crime committed against U.S. citizens in Mexico. We will help you in managing the practical consequences of being a crime victim, and provide you with information about contacting the local criminal justice system, as well as other resources for crime victims abroad and in the United States. We can help you to better understand the criminal justice system in Mexico, which is very different from the system in the United States.

Furthermore, our Special Consular Services Section can:

Help you replace a lost or stolen passport

Provide Information-on-the-Mexican-Legal-Procedure (PDF)

Provide Information-on-Filing-a-Police-Report-and-Seeking-Prosecution (PDF)

Provide a list of attorneys – Although the agent of the ministerio público or district attorney is responsible for prosecuting your case, at any point during the criminal investigation or prosecution process you may want to consider hiring a Mexican attorney to pursue your interests. An attorney can promote your interests with the ministerio público and the court. While our office cannot recommend specific attorneys, you can click on the following link to find more about attorneys in Mexico.

Resources for Victims of Crime

The Mexican government does not provide monetary compensation to crime victims. Unlike the system in the United States, where compensation payments and victim assistance services are made possible through public funds, in Mexico only the perpetrator has a legal obligation to pay for damages. Programs in some Mexican states provide victims with psychological, legal, and medical assistance, but this varies across Mexico.

Whether or not you decide to pursue your case through the Mexican judicial system, you may access victim compensation and assistance resources in the United States. Nearly half of the state crime victims’ compensation programs cover certain out-of-pocket expenses such as medical, funeral, counseling, and lost wages for eligible residents of the state who become victims of crime outside the U.S. The specific requirements and services vary from state to state. Information can be obtained through the state crime victims program in your state of residence.

Contact information for all state compensation programs can be found at the web site of the National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Board.