United States Marks Milestone in Mexico’s Transition to New Criminal Justice System

Mexico City, June 17, 2016 – Eight years ago, at the behest of the Mexican people, the Mexican Congress passed a constitutional amendment that required a transition to an accusatory criminal justice system at the federal and state levels throughout the country. Tonight, representatives of the Embassy of the United States will join President Enrique Peña Nieto at a ceremony that marks an important milestone in that transition.

Once fully implemented and institutionalized throughout Mexico, the new accusatory system will be a more transparent, accountable, and efficient criminal justice system that is more capable of addressing criminal misconduct and promoting human rights and due process. It will provide open, transparent, and fair proceedings, and guarantees for the rights of victims, as well as the rights of the accused. We congratulate Mexicans for the successes they have achieved to date in this effort.

The transition will require a long-term, generational effort, as well as sustained political will at the state and federal levels for many years to come. The reward for Mexico’s perseverance will be stronger rule of law, safer streets, and greater social economic opportunity for everyone. The United States stands ready to support Mexico as it consolidates this new criminal justice system.