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U.S.-Mexico Consular Dialogue
October 28, 2021

At the annual U.S.-Mexico Consular Dialogue on October 28, 2021, the delegations discussed cooperation related to protecting vulnerable children, providing services to nationals of Mexico and the United States, including dual nationals, and facilitating lawful travel between both countries.

Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs Rena Bitter led the U.S. delegation.  Director General for Consular Protection and Strategic Planning Maki Teramoto led the Mexican Delegation.

The U.S. Mission in Mexico supports deep people-to-people and economic ties between the United States and Mexico with one of the largest U.S. consular operations in the world.  Similarly, Mexico maintains a large diplomatic presence in the United States, with 50 consulates in 26 states.

This is Assistant Secretary Bitter’s first international trip since her confirmation in August.