Passport Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, yes.  Please click here for entry requirements. 


DHL Express is pleased to deliver your U.S. Passport and/or Consular Report of Birth Abroad. After finishing your interview in the Embassy, please visit the nearest branch office and pay the delivery service (click here). Cost will depend on your location.


Passports are printed in the United States and mailed to U.S. Embassy Mexico City.  Expect to receive your passport book in three weeks.  Passport cards take approximately six weeks to deliver. 


The U.S. Embassy has an obligation to verify that U.S. citizens only have one valid passport in their possession at any time. You can choose to travel with your current passport (if still valid) during processing, but you will have to return that passport to the U.S. Embassy (either in person or by mail) for cancellation prior to issuance of your new passport.


Yes. You may renew your passport at any time. rements.


You may use your U.S. passport for travel to and from the United States within the validity date displayed on the passport.  Other countries vary.  Review Consular Information Sheets  for each country’s entry requirements.

For cost and security reasons, the U.S. Department of State phased out the option of additional visa pages for U.S. passports. On October 1, 2014, all Embassies/Consulates worldwide started issuing only 52-page passport books for full-validity passports. The thinner 28-page book option is no longer available. Applicants who need extra pages must apply to renew their passports and be issued the standard 52-page book.

Please click here for our birth certificate requirements.  

If you require special assistance or accommodation in making an appointment or other need please contact us Monday through Friday from Mexico (01) 800 681 9374, from the U.S. (1) 844 528 6611.

If you have an emergency please review our Emergency Contact Information

Check here for more information on passports and other documents/records.