Preparing For Emergencies

Welcome to the Emergency Preparedness section of the U. S. Embassy website! The United States Government has no higher responsibility than to protect American citizens and ensure their well-being while traveling or residing abroad.  With this in mind, we have identified a wide range of information from both U.S. and Mexican government sources to help you and your family stay safe while visiting or residing in Mexico.

Millions of Americans visit Mexico safely each year.  Nonetheless, Mexico is a large, geographically diverse country which is subject to risks and natural disasters.  In 1985, for example, a devastating earthquake struck Mexico City, killing 10,000 people and destroying significant parts of the city.
Most potential natural threats can be successfully managed, or their adverse impacts mitigated, through awareness and preparation.

For general information about these three steps, please visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) website: (disponible en espanol a traves de

You can help yourself and your relatives by planning in advance:

For more information, please see U.S. Department of Homeland Security Website.

The U.S. government recommends that you take three fundamental steps to protect yourself and your family while in Mexico:

  • Build a kit
    Create an emergency getaway kit for you and your family.
  • Make a plan
    Prepare, plan, and stay informed for emergencies.
  • Be informed
    Get more information on earthquakes, hurricanes, and other disasters that may affect you.