Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs Michele Thoren Bond visits Monterrey

Assistant Secretary Michele Bond and Nuevo Leon's Ministry of Education Secretary Dr. Esthela Gutiérrez Garza

During her visit to Monterrey on January 11, Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs Michele Thoren Bond spoke of the importance of properly documenting U.S-born children who are living in Mexico.

Accompanied by Dr. Esthela Garza Gutierrez, Secretary of Nuevo Leon’s Ministry of Education, Assistant Secretary Bond visited public high school No. 34 in Santa Cecilia neighborhood to meet with parents and children, who were born in the United States, to encourage them to apply for proper documentation.

It is extremely important for children who are eligible for dual U.S. and Mexican citizenship to have appropriate identity and citizenship documents, such as passports, in order to access health, education, and public services in both nations.

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