Transfer of Leopoldo Lopez to House Arrest in Venezuela

The United States welcomes the transfer of Leopoldo Lopez to house arrest, reportedly for health reasons, after more than three years in prison. This is but a first step in the right direction by the government of Venezuela. We reiterate our call for the government to grant Lopez full unconditional freedom immediately.

Lopez is just one of more than 400 political prisoners being tracked ‎today in Venezuela by the independent Foro Penal. We call on the government of Venezuela to provide for the immediate release of all political prisoners with the complete restoration of their civil and political rights.

We continue to deplore the Venezuelan government’s increasing authoritarianism, and the convocation of a National Constituent Assembly designed to undermine Venezuela’s democratic institutions.

Today’s humanitarian measure does not alter our call for the Government of Venezuela to follow through with the pledges it made during the Vatican-facilitated dialogue process last fall‎ in order to ensure a peaceful, democratic solution for all Venezuelans.