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The United States Completes Donation of 3.5 Moderna vaccines to Mexico
September 21, 2021

Mexico City, September 21, 2021 – Today, 1.75 million doses of the Moderna vaccine, donated by the United States, arrived in the Toluca airport. This delivery completes the 3.5 million Moderna vaccines donated to Mexico, for a total of 7.57 million vaccines which the U.S. have donated to the country this year.

The threat of COVID 19 continues to dominate our lives at present. Only by increasing the number of people vaccinated will we be able to change the course of this pandemic. The donation of the Moderna vaccine to Mexico is part of the U.S. effort to distribute safe and efficient vaccines to the greatest number of people possible, and as fast as feasible, in our region. Likewise, the Biden-Harris Administration continues its leadership and commitment to share the supply of U.S. vaccines with the rest of the world.

The Embassy congratulates the Government of Mexico for its extraordinary efforts which have allowed it to receive over one hundred million COVID-19 vaccines to date. We will continue to work jointly on the health, safety and prosperity of our citizens.