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Statement from DHS on Court Granted Stay That Temporarily Keeps the Title 42 Public Health Order in Place
November 16, 2022

“Today, the court granted a stay of the court’s order vacating the CDC’s Title 42 public health order. Title 42 will remain in place during the period of the stay, allowing the government to prepare for a transition and to continue to manage the border in a safe, orderly, and humane way.“While the stay is in effect, DHS will continue to process individuals in accordance with the CDC’s Title 42 public health order and expel single adults and family units encountered at the Southwest Border.“People should not listen to the lies by smugglers who will take advantage of vulnerable migrants, putting lives at risk. The border is closed, and we will continue to fully enforce our immigration laws at the border.“We also continue to work with our partners throughout the Western Hemisphere on an anti-smuggler campaign of unprecedented scale that has already resulted in more than 5,500 arrests and nearly 6,000 disruptions of human smuggler infrastructure. Among other actions, we and our partners have raided smuggler stash houses, impounded tractor trailers that are used to smuggle migrants, and confiscated smuggler IT to track down more smugglers. Across the federal government we also continue to work with other countries to address the root causes of irregular migration that are leading to an unprecedent migratory surge and challenging our hemisphere.”