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Statement from Ambassador Ken Salazar on Announcement of Dismantling on Human Smuggling Ring
March 11, 2022

Mexico City, March 11, 2022 – “I fully support the most recent example of binational security cooperation bring to its knees a prolific transnational human smuggling organization operating in Nogales, Sonora, along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“This human smuggling organization is alleged to be responsible for illegally smuggling many vulnerable people from Mexico, Central America and South America into Arizona and other locations throughout the United States. U.S.-Mexico law enforcement collaboration showed results in Mexico Attorney General’s Office’s “Fiscalía General de la República” (FGR) arresting six smuggling coordinators in Mexico. Six criminals no longer have the opportunity to take advantage of migrants, or to ruin futures and devastate families.  These human smugglers have no respect for life.


“I commend the work of our agents of the Department of Homeland Security Investigations team and our counterparts at FGR for their extraordinary efforts on this case.  United in our efforts, we will prosper.”



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