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Sports Diplomacy
Local Exchanges
March 25, 2021

The Embassy utilizes sports diplomacy as a way to build bridges and enhance people-to-people ties, as the universal passion for sports transcends sociocultural and linguistic barriers, and unites people. Sports are a fun and efficient way to reach out to certain strategic audiences, such as at-risk youth due to violence or extreme poverty; girls and women; indigenous communities, and people with disabilities, among others.

Through sports diplomacy it is possible to share important values with these audiences, such as leadership, gender equality, teamwork, non-violence and community engagement. Sports can also provide people with valuable habits and skills for all aspects of life.

Sports diplomacy activities in Mexico are focused on the empowerment of girls and women through sports; social inclusion and increased access to participation in sports for underserved communities; the use of sports as a mechanism to bring youths closer to science, technology, mathematics, and English language learning; the promotion of American sports culture; and support to the professionalization of the sports industry. Those activities include bringing specialist in sports from the U.S. to Mexico, the planning of programs with U.S. athletes and coaches, and the organization of events to watch live broadcasts of sporting events.