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Sport Fishing in Mexico
March 25, 2021

U.S. citizens should be mindful of immigration and permit requirements when traveling into Mexican waters by private boat. Likewise, the U.S. Consulate recommends that all individuals on board vessels used for sport fishing, including passengers on commercial and charter boats, understand the entry requirements and permits needed before traveling. Each individual is responsible for making sure s/he is in compliance.

As part of the Government of Mexico’s efforts to manage the environmental impacts of sport fishing along the Baja California peninsula, they are increasing enforcement actions.  U.S. citizens should expect inspection of the required immigration documents and fishing permits. Please be advised that the presence of fishing equipment onboard a vessel could be interpreted as intent to fish, which would trigger the requirement for a fishing license.   Failure to comply could result in confiscation of vessels and possibly detention of travelers.

If you are visiting Mexico by private boat, please refer to this guide on entry requirements. (PDF file, 3 MB).

If you are planning a sports fishing excursion, or if you plan to be a passenger aboard a private, commercial or charter vessel used for sports fishing, please visit the following for permit information: