Security Message for U.S. Citizens-Exercise Caution at Bandas Gruperas Music Events-Tijuana

U.S. Consulate General Tijuana-Security Message for U.S. Citizens
Exercise Caution at Bandas Gruperas Music Events

Tijuana cartels have made threats of violence against “bandas gruperas”—music groups which specialize in narco corridos, or songs celebrating criminal exploits—and music venues host them. Each band tends to be associated with a particular cartel; therefore, they are viewed as targets by competing cartels.

On April 2, a narco manta attached to a dead person was left near the Home Depot in Tijuana threatening to kill Miguel Comando—who sings about the Arellano Felix Organization (AFO). Miguel Comando is scheduled to play Las Pulgas on Avenida Revolucion in Tijuana on April 28th.

Given that the cartels have been willing to follow through on their threats against members of the bandas, and the venues where they appear, in the past, the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana strongly urges that U.S. Citizens avoid this event. Also,  should be very cautious about attending similar events and review local media to be aware of possible threats.