Secretary Perry Remarks at Press Event with SENER

As friend and a neighbor it’s an honor to be here with you to get to share our common goals and I am very honored to represent the U.S. government and the Trump Administration in Mexico City today. This is familiar territory for me. As governor of Texas for 14 years, I had the great privilege of representing your neighbor, representing that 1,254 mile border between Mexico and Texas. We share a lot more than a border. We share a future, and that is why I have come here today.

Mexico is a crucial and a very important partner for the United States in our efforts to promote a comprehensive energy security and an economic security for North America. That is why it is a top priority to pursue a North American energy strategy that will ensure security, stability, economic growth for the United States, Mexico, and for Canada.

The Strategy will guide our collaboration on shared energy interests, including the development of North America’s vast untapped energy resources, diversify our energy supplies, supporting the growth of our domestic energy industries. It will also help our countries face a number of common challenges: whether it’s safeguarding our independent systems, as you mentioned Pedro, from cyber threats to expanding our energy infrastructure so that we can support the massive new volumes of energy that are going to be flowing throughout North America; hardening our infrastructure to make sure that there are no assaults that are going to be successful, and quite frankly whether it’s natural cause or incident, we talked about a meteorological, natural assaults or whether it’s other problems.

So we have already begun these discussions that we shared with you of the core themes and the goals of this North American Energy Strategy. To meet those objectives, we will develop a very robust trilateral work plan to move the agenda forward. The work plan will identify concrete actions that we can undertake in three areas: first, to accelerate development of our vast, untapped energy resources as I spoke of earlier; second, to promote energy trade and economic development; and thirdly, to enhance the security, reliability and resilience of North America’s energy systems.

As an example, to further our joint interest in carbon capture, utilization and storage technology, we could expand the North American Carbon Storage Atlas and long-term staff exchanges with your expertise and our expertise to get the synergy of that. We could also streamline the permit process for cross-border energy infrastructure projects, which are absolutely vital facilitators of energy trade. We also need to improve and update our approach to cybersecurity, expand our collaboration on security and resilience, increase technical engagements with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and other stakeholders.

The North American Energy Strategy will build upon our existing ties and bring economic benefits to both the United States and Mexico as well as Canada. Mexico is already our second-largest energy trading partner. Increased energy trade and bilateral investment will increase North America’s self-sufficiency that will reduce our reliance on energy imports from outside the continent. Obviously it will create jobs, a lot of jobs. Good jobs. And bring down energy costs for consumers.

We have a shared future. I am reminded of a time when I was the lieutenant governor of Texas in the latter days of the twentieth century and I attended a ceremony on the international bridge between Laredo and Nuevo Laredo. These two delegations come together, and Roberto, I was sharing that as I saw you we had an abrazo, and that’s the ceremony between these partners, these friends. This ceremonial hug. That ceremony symbolized not only our shared history, but also the embrace of our shared future.

We are joined together in the quest for a better tomorrow. Mexico’s prosperity is inextricably intertwined with our prosperity. Our cultures are blended, our heritage and our families are shared, our economies forever linked. We must build a better future together starting with a vision of North American energy dominance. We must continue to develop our energy resources, invest in innovation, and build a competitive energy industry together.

Thank you.