Science in Action with Dr. Skateboard in Chihuahua

Dr Skateboard in Chihuahua

August 6, 2105 – With an innovative methodological approach, Dr. Bill Robertson (also known as “Dr. Skateboard”) offered presentations in the city of Chihuahua August 4-6 sponsored by the U.S. Consulate General in Ciudad Juarez.

Through skateboarding tricks, Dr. Skateboard explained physics concepts such as the relationship between speed and acceleration to more than 50 families that attended his presentations in the Parque Extremo de la Cantera  and the Unidad Deportiva Sur. Adults, youth and children, as well as the 60 young beneficiaries of the English Access Microscholarship Program, learned physics as Dr. Skateboard performed trick after trick.

“Scientific knowledge can be applied in everyday life to our benefit,” said Dr. Robertson. “Whether skateboarding or through technology, science is present in our daily lives and is something we have to explain to our young people to encourage them to study it.”

As part of his visit to Chihuahua, Dr. Robertson had the opportunity to learn about innovative projects carried out in the city, such as the Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua’s Campus Link and Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores Monterrey’s Innovation and Technology Transfer Park.

Dr. Bill Robertson concluded his visit to the city of Chihuahua with a talk to teachers and parents interested in motivating children to study science. Dr. Robertson explained the application of a constructivist approach in teaching physics, focusing on science concepts such as Newton’s laws of motion and taught the attendees how to develop simple machines.