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June 22, 2018

COMEXUS (United States/Mexico Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange)

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COMEXUS is an independent organization funded by the Governments of Mexico and the United States. COMEXUS offers and administers graduate level scholarships and grants for educational exchange. It is most well known for the Fulbright/Garcia Robles Scholarship program and includes scholarships for teaching and research as well as for study.

CoMexus LogoEach year the members of the binational Board of Directors decide which specific topics will be emphasized in the call for applications. Topics may range from the arts to English teaching, to border studies, to city planning, to comparative political systems. All topics are, however, important for both countries. COMEXUS widely disseminates information about the program through newspapers, postings on the WWW, mailings to universities, and through administrating agencies in the US such as LASPAU (Latin American Scholarship Program of American Universities) and IIE (Institute of International Education).