Sarah Prager Quist app creator visits Merida

As part of a visit to Merida, Sarah Prager, an American IT entrepreneur and activist shared her experiences with Information Technology students at the Universidad Tecnologica Metropolitana in Merida. She highlighted the importance of studying and of doing what you love from a young age.

The U.S. Government supports and promotes education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in youth. Sarah Prager showed that STEM fields studies and jobs provide access to a better quality of life.

Sarah showed a successful example of her application called Quist, which teaches LGBT history, through public interaction, dynamic maps and historical information.

The U.S. Government strongly defends and protects human rights of LGBT sector in the U.S. as in Mexico and around the world.  Protecting human rights and promoting the acceptance of our differences and recognizing our diversity, allows members of our societies to use their talents to the fullest. And this leads to greater prosperity and stability.

During her visit to Merida, Sarah Prager also participated at the 5thedition of LGBTConfex Forum, held in Merida September 18-19, 2015. Where U.S. Consul General in Merida David Mico spoke at the opening ceremony.