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Replace Limited-Validity Passport, Correction, or Name Change

Applicants resident in Mexico who meet eligibility criteria must apply by mail to replace a limited-validity emergency passport, request a passport correction, or request a passport name change, following the instructions below.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Replace a Limited Passport: You are eligible if your passport is undamaged, was issued within the last year, and the signature page says “This passport expires on (MON, DY, YEAR) and cannot be extended.” or “This passport is a replacement for a Lost/Stolen/Damaged Passport and expires on (MON, DY, YEAR).  It cannot be extended.” If the text is different, contact us  for guidance. 
  2. Name Change:  You are eligible if your name changed less than one yearafter your U.S. passport book and/or card was issued andyour U.S. passport book and/or card is less than one yearold.  You must submit a certified name change document such as a certified copy of your marriage or divorce certificate indicating a name change, or a certified copy of a court order showing a seal and officiate/judge´s signature.  If you cannot provide one of these documents, you must apply using form DS-11 and schedule a passport appointment.
  3. Correction:  You are eligible if there is an error in your valid U.S. passport book and/or card.  You must submit the original document showing the correct biographical information (e.g., certified birth certificate or marriage certificate).   Your new passport will have the same expiration date as the prior passport.


  • The completed and signed DS-5504 form Follow the instructions on page 2 of the DS-5504 form regarding Additional Documents for Limited Passport Replacement if applicable.  This information replaces the “letter included with your passport” referred to on page 2. 
  • A new 5×5 cm U.S. passport style photo 
  • The U.S. passport you are replacing
  • Send the above following the DHL Shipping Instructions carefully.