Remarks to Traveling Press at Mexico City International Airport


Michael R. Pompeo
Secretary of State

Mexico City International Airport, Mexico

October 19, 2018


SECRETARY POMPEO: I just wanted to give you a little bit of a readout on my meeting with President Pena Nieto. It was a good conversation. We are jointly very focused on the caravan that is making its way through. The Mexican Government is making all the decisions about how to address this, and they are fully engaged. They sent 500 federales down to the southern border.

I want to express my sympathy to them. They’ve had four policemen injured already, as they have reported it. We understand that to be accurate. We don’t know the severity of those injuries, but I want to express my sympathy to those four policemen. That’s evidence of what this really is. This is a group, a large group of people; they are putting women and children in front of the caravan to use as shields as they make their way through. This is an organized effort to come through and violate the sovereignty of Mexico, and so we’re prepared to do all that we can to support the decisions that Mexico makes about how they’re going to address this very serious and important issue to their country.

So it was a good discussion. We talked about a handful of other things as well, but I wanted to make sure I shared with you all the commitment of the Mexican Government to address this in a serious way. So thank you all very much.