Remarks With Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs Luis Videgaray Caso Before Their Meeting

SECRETARY TILLERSON: Mr. Secretary, welcome. Welcome to the State Department again. It’s always a pleasure to have you here.

FOREIGN SECRETARY VIDEGARAY: Thank you. Thank you very much.

SECRETARY TILLERSON: Thank you. And I – particularly I want to thank the Government of Mexico for its offer of assistance to the state of Texas. They’ve offered a wide range of assistance coordinating with the governor down in Texas and also through FEMA, but very generous of Mexico to offer their help at this very, very challenging time for our citizens down in Texas and now moving toward the border with Louisiana, as we’re all watching. So thank you very much, Mr. Secretary.

FOREIGN SECRETARY VIDEGARAY: You’re absolutely welcome, and we are – we’re here to help. We are neighbors, we are friends, and that’s what friends do.

SECRETARY TILLERSON: Thank you. Thank you.