Remarks by Ambassador-Designate Jacobson upon arrival in Mexico

Welcome Remarks upon Arrival at Mexico City’s International Airport

*as prepared*

May 26, 2016

Good afternoon. Forgive me if my comments are too brief, but until I have the honor of presenting my credentials, it would be inappropriate of me to address bilateral issues.

It is a great honor for my husband Jonathan and me to be greeted so warmly upon our arrival in Mexico City. In my years with the U.S. Department of State, I have visited Mexico many times. Those visits– and my ongoing relationships with Mexican friends and counterparts– have allowed me to form a special appreciation and deep admiration for this country and its people.

I am extremely honored to serve as United States Ambassador to Mexico. We have much to do together. I am excited about the prospect of starting to work with my colleagues at the United States Embassy and our nine consulates around the country to advance the wide range of goals that both our nations share.

Let me end by saying that my family and I look forward to getting to know more of this beautiful country, its rich culture, and its regional diversity. I plan to travel the length and breadth of Mexico to get to know first-hand the unique attributes of every region, and to hear from Mexicans across the country about how the United States can continue to be a truly committed neighbor for all of you.

I hope that we can maintain excellent communications between our two countries, and I look to all of you in the Mexican media to help me accomplish that goal. Thank you very much for welcoming me today and I look forward to speaking more with you after I have presented my credentials. Thank you very much.