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Protect Yourself Against Fraud
February 17, 2022

The United States Embassy in Mexico has received reports about people outside the Applicant Service Centers (ASC) telling visa applicants their visa payments have expired and offering to “solve the problem” and extend the validity in exchange for an additional fee.

We remind you that the U.S. Department of State extended the validity of visa payments until September 30, 2023.  All applicants who were unable to schedule a visa appointment because routine consular operations were suspended for the COVID-19 pandemic, may schedule and/or attend a visa appointment with the fee already paid.

To protect yourself against fraud, we recommend the following:

  • Visit our official websites for updated information:
  • Do not approach people outside the ASC who do not fully identify themselves as ASC personnel.
  • Do not provide personal information to visa fixers or third parties. They may use your information without your permission.
  • Do noy pay extra fees for your visa application. Avoid contacting people who say they “can help you if you pay them.” Our staff inside the ASC will inform you if there is any problem with your visa application.