“Piracy – Understanding the Shadow Market in Mexico.”

This morning, Ambassador Wayne attended the American Chamber’s release of the 5th Edition of the intellectual property-based study – “Piracy – Understanding the Shadow Market in Mexico.”  The study, which included over 1,500 interviews of men and women 15 years of age and older, provides a broad based view of the magnitude of the consumption of counterfeit and pirated goods in Mexico.  The main findings include:

  • In 2014, piracy and counterfeiting caused a loss to legitimate business of 43 billion pesos;
  • 8 out of 10 Mexicans purchase counterfeit or pirated goods;
  • 53% of Mexican Internet users admits to have downloaded or streamed illegal music, movies, or pirated tv series on a significantly high frequency; on 50% of the cases they do it from their homes;
  • Music, movies, clothing and footwear are the most pirated and counterfeited goods in Mexico;
  • There is widespread social acceptance of purchasing counterfeit and pirated goods despite the fact that most know it is illegal and the health and safety implications of substandard goods

The study’s findings also recommended enhanced public awareness campaigns and stronger enforcement by government authorities in order to decrease the consumption of counterfeit and pirated goods.