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Mexico-U.S. Friendship Group at the Chamber of Deputies
March 24, 2022

Statement by Ambassador Salazar

“I know that Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies has a number of friendship groups, but Mexico has no friendship like it does with the United States.   

“Mexico is our most important partner, and I believe we are Mexico’s most important partner. And I don’t forget it for one second. 

“Today – March 24 – I was reminded many times just how close we are.  This morning I had the great honor of visiting the Chamber for the newest installation of the Mexico/U.S. Friendship Group.  This afternoon I met with NFL owners who are about to ramp up their Mexico investments and activities. And tonight I’ll attend the World Cup qualifying match between the U.S. and Mexican Men’s National Teams. I’ll say it again: we are two nations, with one future.  We are inextricably tied through business, migration, security, culture, and more.  We are so, so proud to celebrate this year the 200th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations. 

“Our relationship is robust and prosperous.  Our countries are growing closer every day.  Our governments agree at least 90 percent of the time, and our long shared history has set the stage for the positive transformational era we are now experiencing.  Our economic and cultural ties are more crucial than at perhaps any time since WWII — when together we fought the dictator threatening democracy.  Together we can build a stable economic powerhouse in North America to withstand the bullying on the global stage led by Russia and its territorial ambitions and cruel military adventurism.  Our hearts — and our resources — go out to the brave Ukrainian people.  We must together work to ensure that they can defend their homes against Russian aggression and that their fate isn’t shared more widely in the global community. It was particularly heartwarming, as our two nations have stood together in the past, to join our voices to reject war, support Ukraine in its time of need, and call for peace with so many members of the Mexico-U.S. Friendship Group at today at the Chamber of Deputies.”