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Message for U.S. Citizens – Travel Advisory Update for Quintana Roo state  
March 14, 2022

Location: Quintana Roo, Mexico

The U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Mexico updated the advice to U.S. citizens traveling to Quintana Roo, Mexico on March 11, 2022.  Travelers to Quintana Roo should continue to exercise increased caution due to crime.

Criminal activity and violence may occur in any location, at any time, including in popular tourist destinations.  Travelers should maintain a high level of situational awareness, avoid areas where illicit activities occur, and promptly depart from potentially dangerous situations.

While not directed at tourists, shootings between rival gangs have killed or injured innocent bystanders.  Additionally, U.S. citizens have been the victims of both non-violent and violent crimes in tourist and non-tourist areas.

There are no travel restrictions for U.S. government employees in Quintana Roo state.  However, U.S. government employees are advised to exercise increased caution after dark in downtown areas of Cancun, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen, and to remain in well-lit pedestrian streets and tourist zones.

See state summaries and advisory levels in the Mexico Travel Advisory for information on your specific travel destination.  Read the country information page.


  • Department of State – Consular Affairs:  +1-888-407-4747 or +1-202-501-4444