LGBTI Human Rights Training for First Responders in Ciudad Juarez

Call for proposals

The U.S. Consulate General in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico invites all eligible organizations to submit a proposal for a grant to reduce violence against the LGBTI community in Ciudad Juarez by training first responders on LGBTI human rights standards. The proposal can focus on all of the following themes and initiatives listed below:

  • Security training that utilizes a human rights-based approach to encourage law enforcement officials to increase their capacity to recognize hate crimes, effectively respond to them, and properly assist victims; also to focus on their legal obligations to protect citizens regardless of gender identity and/or sexual orientation, and to decrease arbitrary arrests and detentions.
  • Training for medical professionals, focused on emergency room personnel that will concentrate on sensitization toward LBGTI identities and emphasize legal and privacy protections for LGBTI persons, including assistance in filing complaints.  Also, to identify victims and ensure they are not re-victimized through improper handling of their cases.
  • To design a volunteer-based activity that allows the LBGTI community, Law Enforcement and Medical professionals to serve the citizens of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Total grant support cannot exceed $19,500 USD. Call for proposals can be found here