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Learning and Teaching Resources
Regional English Language Office (RELO)
January 5, 2020

Free Online English Courses
Voice of America offers a free online English course as well as other resources to practice English. We also offer free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on different topics, such as English for Business and Entrepreneurship; English for Journalism; English for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; English for Career Development; and English for Media Literacy. Click here to access the MOOCs.

RELO Mexico on Facebook
Do you want to know what’s happening with English teachers in our region or hear about collaborative opportunities and new resources?  Be sure to like or visit the RELO Mexico Facebook page.

American English Website
Do you need a new activity for your classroom? From books and lesson plans to music and games, explore our collection of free downloadable resources for English language teaching. Click here to visit the American English website.

American English YouTube Channel
English learning made fun! Check out our animated mini-videos on topics such as phrasal verbs, idioms, and more – they are perfect for both students and teachers. We also offer many other resources to promote the professional development of English language teachers. Click here to visit the American English YouTube channel.

English Teaching Forum Magazine
If you want to learn what other teachers of English around the world are doing in their classrooms, you can find out in English Teaching Forum Magazine, our quarterly professional teaching journal for teachers of English. Click here to read Forum online.

The Benjamin Franklin Library (Mexico City)
Do you want to practice your English in a conversation club, learn more about the United States, watch American movies, participate in the Game Night and get involved in other activities?  Check out the Calendar of Events at the Benjamin Franklin Library and get your library card for free.

Trace Effects Video Game
Do you have students who are more interested in gaming than classwork?  Trace Effects is a 3-D immersive English language video game experience, especially popular with teenagers. Learn English and explore American culture through puzzles, games, and adventures in an interactive world. Click here to download.