Jovenes en Accion: Two teams from Chihuahua ready to travel

Juarez and Chihuahua Jovenes en Accion teams at the Consulate

On Monday, June 29, Acting Consul General Eric Cohan met with nine high school students from Chihuahua who were selected to participate in the sixth generation of  Jovenes en Accion.

This year, seventeen teams were selected from eleven states in Mexico. The program will start in July with the selected teams traveling for four weeks to the United States to strengthen their leadership skills and learn how to successfully implement a community project on their return to Mexico.

For the next school year, the teams selected from Chihuahua, “No me trates diferente” (Don’t treat me differently) from the Colegio de Bachilleres Campus 4 and “Enfocate” (Focus) from the Preparatoria Central in Ciudad Juarez, will implement projects addressing discrimination and  school dropout prevention, respectively. The projects implemented by other teams in Mexico will address issues such as bullying, dating violence, drug prevention, family violence and gangs.

The social leadership program Jovenes en Accion is the result of an alliance between the United States Department of State, through the U.S. Embassy in Mexico and Mexico’s Secretariat of Public Education (SEP), in collaboration with the private sector of both countries. The program targets students enrolled in first or second year in a public or private high school in Mexico.

After five generations, there are about 400 Jovenes en Accion alumni. Year after year, the number of participants in each of its rounds has increased. Some of those students have already completed their university studies and continue to reinforce their social leadership skills to support their communities in search of a strong Mexico and a better understanding of the bilateral relationship.