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Joint Statement
U.S. Department of Transportation and Mexican Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation
June 9, 2023

Strong transportation links between Mexico and the United States are essential to our two countries and our economies.  On Wednesday, President Lopez Obrador and Secretary Buttigieg discussed approaches to further strengthen these links, deepen our people-to-people ties, and support continued integration of North American supply chains.

We held Wednesday’s discussions at Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA).  Both of our governments are committed to the successful development of AIFA in ways that will bolster the U.S.-Mexico air transportation relationship.  To that end, we discussed further steps our governments can take to promote the expansion of commercial operations at AIFA, including the flexibility and support that will help U.S. carriers to successfully launch operations there.

We are both committed to continue developing the bilateral relationship in a manner fully consistent with the 2015 U.S.-Mexico Air Transport Agreement, an important commitment between our sovereign nations.

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