Interested in learning English?



November 19, 2015 – According to the Office of English Language Programs of the U.S. Department of State, around 1 billion people are learning English at this moment, and by 2020, that number may double.

If you are interested in improving your English skills but do not know where to begin, the U.S. Department of State and the Voice of America (VOA) offer free programs to help people of all ages learn American English, with hundreds of free materials available in multiple formats: print, video, audio and online.


The American English website of the U.S. Department of State ( is an online resource center for learning about American English and culture. The site includes a series of stories in comic book format written by teenagers and young adults to help students improve their vocabulary, reading comprehension and other English skills. In addition, students can use Trace Effects, an online adventure and English learning video game aimed at young people ages 12-16. The U.S. Department of State also offers a free mobile phone application that provides American English students resources to learn the English language and uses a very low bandwidth.


The Voice of America (VOA) Learning English site ( offers quick free lessons for students of all ages and levels that combine video, audio and print materials. Simple sentences, vocabulary and outstanding audio accompany the readings and help students absorb words and concepts quickly. In addition, daily sessions live on Skype, called TALK2US (Talk to us), allow callers to talk about the topic of the day with VOA staff. The Voice of America English programs have three levels of instruction and resources.

Level one – consists of short stories, photos and videos that use a 1,500 word vocabulary based on a VOA vocabulary book.

Level Two – for intermediate students, it uses video, audio and print news stories about culture, history, science and business.

Level Three – For more advanced students, VOA presents stories from literature, conversation topics and American education.