Inauguration of Consular Pavilion

Corte de listón por parte del Cónsul General Timothy Zuñiga-Brown y el Alcalde de Santa Catarina, Hector Castillo

Improving the experience visa applicants and American citizens receive at the Consulate

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, July 27, 2017- The Consulate General in Monterrey is pleased to announce the completion of the construction of the Consular pavilion for the consular services applicants, which began construction in December 2016. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was let by the Consul General, Timothy Zúñiga-Brown, accompanied by the mayor of Santa Catarina, Hector Castillo and members of the consulate staff.

During the ceremony, the Consul General, “Since our move to Santa Catarina three years ago, the Consulate General has consistently evaluated and revised the procedures, services, and installations the Consulate offers. Today, I am glad to announce the completion of construction of the Consular pavilion, which seeks to improve the experience that visa applicants and American citizens receive.”

With this new covering visa applicants and American citizens will be able to experience:

  • A larger, more comfortable covered waiting area.
  • A more efficient check point
  • Greater capacity to house applicants
  • Reduction of wait times for appointments
  • Protection from sun , rain, and inclement weather
  • Better outside lighting
  • A new snack bar with an option for lockers for applicants

The Consulate in Monterrey processes approximately 400,000 visas annually, making it one of the busiest worldwide.

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