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Hurricane Season 2023
May 18, 2023

Event:  Mexico’s hurricane season is from May through November, with most storms developing between July and October.  Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause life-threatening flash floods, dangerous winds, treacherous surf and rip currents, and other hazardous conditions. Torrential rain from these storms can cause flooding hundreds of miles inland, sometimes lasting several days after the storm dissipates.

After a storm, there may be significant damage to infrastructure, including roads, electricity, and phone and internet service), and shortages of food, water, accommodation, and medical supplies and facilities. Storms may result in airport closures or limited flight availability. U.S. citizens in affected areas may face delays returning home and may have to stay in emergency shelters with limited food, water, medicine, and other supplies.

Actions to Take:

  • Monitor the National Hurricane Center and the Mexican National Meteorological Service (Servicio Meteorológico Nacional) for updates on storm activity and emergency response.
  • Ensure U.S. travel documents are up-to-date and have travel insurance to cover unexpected expenses.
  • If living in Mexico, prepare an emergency hurricane kit.
  • If a storm watch or warning is issued, monitor local media for updates, follow directions from local officials, and in case of emergency, call 911.
  • Visit the Department of State’s Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones page.