Ford’s 90th Anniversary Celebration

Ford 90 an__os en MX _30_U.S. Ambassador Anthony Wayne participated in Ford’s 90th Anniversary Celebration and Investment Announcement today. Ford is celebrating its 90th anniversary, with a new $2.5 billion investment in Ford’s engines and transmissions plants, located in Chihuahua and Guanajuato, respectively. The investment will result in the creation of 3800 new jobs. President Peña Nieto and the two governors expressed their thanks for the confidence Ford was showing in Mexico. Ambassador Wayne noted this latest commitment by Ford underscores the long relationship our two countries have shared, and the sort of robust trade and investment that will bring increased prosperity both in Mexico and the United States. Ford’s corporate social responsibility programs have resulted in the creation of 212 schools in Mexico. Ford has an engineering center in Mexico with 1100 engineers working on global issues. 8% of the Ford’s produced in the world are produced in Mexico and Ford Mexico sold $10 billion of auto parts and inputs last year.