Legal Inquiries

To inquire about an immigrant visa case, a nonimmigrant visa case, or American Citizens Services select the subject from the drop down and complete the form. The Consulate will respond within 20 to 30 business days but only to inquiries made directly through this form. If you are inquiring about more than one case, please submit one form per case.

We cannot respond to inquiries in reference to USCIS matters, including the status of I-601 and/or I-212 waivers. Please contact USCIS directly for any waiver-related questions at

For K (fiancé) visas, use the form for immigrant visas. Be sure to provide a Ciudad Juárez case number beginning with CDJ, followed by a year, followed by six digits.

For Hague adoption cases, use the form for immigrant visas. For general information about the adoption process, visit  PLEASE NOTE we are not able to provide information on the status of I-800A or I-800 applications with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). For such information, contact USCIS.

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*Due to heavy demand, the Consulate may need extra time to respond to your inquiry. Do not submit your inquiry more than once as it will only cause additional delays. All requests to make or change appointments must be directed to the call center.