Legal Inquiry Form – Immigrant Visas (Residents)

  • If This is a Hague Adoption Case, Please Provide the Following Additional Information:
  • PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to provide case information to representatives who have not been retained or employed by the applicant.
  • Information on Attorney or Legal Representative:
  • If you are not already on file as the attorney of record, please attach your executed G-28 or G-28i notice of entry of appearance form in pdf format only. Only executed G-28 or G-28i forms will be accepted through this online form. Any other attachments, including evidence related to the matter addressed, will be disregarded. Forms should be scanned as low-definition, small files.

    REMINDER: As of May 18, 2015, the Department of State will accept only the 03/04/2015 edition of form G-28. Editions dated 2/28/13 or earlier on or after May 18, 2015 will not be accepted.

    Files more than 300 KB in size will not be received by the Consulate.