Embassy Statement

Mexico City, July 08, 2014 – We applaud yesterday’s announcement by Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto regarding Mexico’s strategy for its southern border.  The Mexican government has been working on this strategy for more than a year, and has routinely briefed the U.S. government on Mexico’s objectives.

Under the Merida Initiative, we have existing programs available to support the Mexican government’s plans for its southern border.  Over the past several months, the United States and Mexico jointly agreed to continue cooperation in areas of enforcement at the border and enhancement of Mexico’s biometric and other information systems.

Both of our countries share the responsibility in protecting those crossing our borders – especially the most vulnerable.  The United States, together with Mexico and the countries in Central America, is taking action against networks spreading disinformation about the journey and the legal process in the United States, while profiting from putting these children and others at risk.  Enforcement of immigration laws allows us to stem the tide of this dangerous migration pattern, prevent untold tragedies and suffering of many more migrants,  and crack down on criminal networks who smuggle people and traffic illegal goods.