Embassy Hosts Fair Promoting Study Opportunities in the U.S.

La Embajadora Jacobson (de rojo) visitó la Feria de Movilidad Académica en compañía de Juan José Serrato Velasco de la SEP, y Martha Navarro Albo de AMEXCID.

MEXICO CITY, August 29, 2016 – The U.S. Embassy through its advising center EducationUSA and the U.S.-Mexico Commission for Education and Cultural Exchanges (COMEXUS) hosted the fourth annual academic mobility fair at the Hotel Krystal Grand Reforma 1 on Saturday August 27 to showcase all sorts of academic opportunities—from intensive English language courses to post-graduate degrees. Twenty five U.S. universities were present.

Amb. Jacobson speaking“Student exchanges are at the forefront of building the future of the bilateral relationship and a more integrated North America,” said Ambassador Jacobson. “Presidents Obama and Peña Nieto realize the importance of education, and are committed to turning our region into a world leader, with a workforce that learns, produces and prospers together. During academic year 2015-2016 over 17,000 Mexican students were enrolled in U.S. schools and we are looking forward to sustained growth in those numbers, which ultimately mean more Mexicans and Americans getting to know each other, cooperating, dispelling myths and establishing durable relationships.”

Amb. Jacobson, Juan Jose Serrato Velasco, Martha Navarro Albo
Ambassador Jacobson, Juan Jose Serrato Velasco of SEP, and Martha Navarro Albo of AMEXCID, at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Along with Ambassador Jacobson, Juan Jose Serrato Velasco, Coordinator General of Advisors for the Undersecretary of Higher Education at SEP, and Martha Navarro Albo, Director General for Technical and Scientific Cooperation at the Agencia Mexicana de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AMEXCID) participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony. More academic mobility fairs will be hosted by the Embassy throughout the country: Aguascalientes (August 29); Leon (August 30); Merida (September 1); and Veracruz (September 3).