How to apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa:


1.- Set a visa interview appointment:

By Telephone
Local Nogales number: 690-7217
Calling from Outside Nogales: (631) 690-7217

*In case your local number is not available you may use the following phone numbers to schedule your appointment:

City Number
Aguascalientes 449-462-8591
Celaya 461-162-3595
Cd. Juarez 656-212-1016
Guadalajara 334-624-1978
Guadalajara 334-624-0367
Hermosillo 662-456-2526
Huejotzingo 227-462-4762
Irapuato 462-387-3637
Leon 477-496-3832
Mexico City 551-163-4677
Mexico City 554-770-7716
Monterrey 814-624-2508
Monterrey 814-624-4467
Nuevo Laredo 867-233-3638
Nuevo Laredo 867-133-2606
Puebla 222-576-3899
Queretaro 442-348-9542
Saltillo 844-250-4138
San Luis Potosi 444-240-2448
San Martin Texmelucan 248-462-3439
Tijuana 664-140-6041
Toluca 722-462-2248


Through the Internet
Click on the following link to access the CSC Visa Information Service.

For Security Reasons, the following items are not allowed into the Consulate:

  • Any Kind of Weapons
  • Cellular Phones
  • Automobile Remote Control (the metal car key may be brought in)
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Food of Drinks
  • Aerosol Products
  • Books (magazines, newspaper, etc)
  • Umbrella
  • Cosmetics
  • Medicine

2. Bring a valid Mexican passport and all previous visas.

3.- DS-160 application
Fill out the application electronically DS-160. More information on renewals.
If your previous visa was lost or stolen, file and present a police report.
If you have any questions, please e-mail us at:

Visa Fees
New visa fees effective April 13, 2012

Visa Categories Cost – U.S. Dollars Cost – Mexican Pesos
Tourist and other non-petition-based visas $160 $2400
Tourist visa for Mexican minors (under the age of 15) $17 $255
Petition-based visas (H, L, O, P, Q and R visas) $190 $2,850
K visas $265 $3,975


Emergency Appointments

Limited number of visa applicants may qualify for emergency visa interview appointments. To obtain an emergency appointment you must satisfy one or more of the criteria listed below.

The criteria:

  • You need to obtain urgent medical care in the U.S.
  • You need to accompany an immediate family member who requires urgent medical care (Immediate family members include mother, father, brother, sister, child, grandparent or grandchild.)
  • An immediate family member in the U.S. has a serious medical condition and requires your presence urgently.
  • You need to attend the funeral of an immediate family member.
  • You need to attend an urgent and late breaking business matter, where the need to travel to the U.S. could not have been foreseen.
  • You need to make an appearance in a U.S. court.

What you need to consider:

If you believe you qualify for an emergency appointment, please read the following points carefully, before you apply for an emergency appointment:

  • In order to initiate your request for an emergency appointment, you must first have applied for a regular appointment.
  • You must have documentary evidence to prove that you satisfy one or more of the criteria for an emergency appointment. (See above.)
  • Once you obtain an emergency appointment, you are treated as a normal visa applicant; you must qualify for a U.S. visa in every respect.
  • The Visa Application Fee and the appointment fee are nonrefundable.
  • If the consular officer finds you misrepresented your reason for travel to the U.S., a record of the misrepresentation goes in your case file and may adversely influence the outcome of your current and future visa applications If the consular officer determines you do not have a genuine emergency, as defined by the criteria above, the officer will ask you to come back on your regular appointment date.

How to request an emergency appointment:

If you consider that you qualify for an emergency appointment send your request along with supporting evidence to