Emergency Services

In this section, you will find information regarding emergency situations and what resources are available to you as an American Citizen in Mexico. Please use the navigation to the left to find more information regarding various emergency situations.

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This section provides a general description of the criminal justice system in Mexico.  Some items of information below may not be relevant or precise with regard to a particular case.  Questions involving interpretation of Mexican law should be addressed to a lawyer licensed to practice in Mexico.

The following list is arranged in alphabetical order by surname. It does not list all the well-qualified physicians in the district but provides a representative selection.

The Consulate General in Nogales assumes no responsibility for either the quality of these medical providers or for their fees.

Please  download form (PDF 164Kb) to access our list of medical providers and hospitals.

The U.S. Consulate General in Nogales cannot represent U.S. Citizens in court nor provide legal counsel.  Instead, you may wish to consult with an attorney in Mexico, who can provide advice on your options and remedies within the Mexican legal system.  The U.S. Consulate General in Nogales has a list of attorneys corresponding to our consular district; however, it cannot recommend a particular attorney and assumes no responsibility for the quality of service provided.

Please download the list (PDF 367Kb) of attorneys.

When a U.S. Citizen dies abroad, the Consulate General can notify the family in the U.S. and provide information about the options and costs of disposition of the remains.  The family must pay all costs.

The Consulate General also prepares a Report of Death based on the local death certificate. This Report can be used as proof of death in most legal proceedings in the United States.

More information is available on the internet at:

If you are aware that a U.S. Citizen is under arrest in Mexico, please ask the authorities to notify the Consulate General immediately. The Consulate General can work to help protect the person and ensure fair treatment. The Consulate General will also visit the prisoner; provide information about the local legal process, as well as a list of local attorneys; and notify family.

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The Government of the United States has designated the Office of Children’s Issues of the Department of State as its central authority for child abduction cases.

General information on the Office of Children’s Issues and international child abduction is available on the internet at:

International Child Abduction

Mexico-specific details on International Child Abduction

If you need to reach a U.S. Citizen in Mexico due to an emergency or because you are worried about his/her health or welfare, please contact the Consulate General in Nogales directly at: (844) 528-6611, during work hours (if calling from the U.S., please dial 011 52 before the phone number).

After work hours, please contact the Duty Officer at the cell phone: (301) 985-8843 (if calling from the U.S., please dial 011 52-1 before the phone number).

You may also contact the State Department’s Office of Overseas Citizen Services at (202) 647-5225

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