Administrative Processing

If the consular officer informed you that your case is in need of administrative processing, please DO NOT call the Consulate for status updates on your case and do not schedule a new appointment unless you have specifically been advised by the Consulate to do so.

You can check your application status at with your user name and password. Click on “Check DS-160 status” and enter your DS-160 barcode number which contains 10 characters starting with AA0.

 We cannot proceed with your case until the administrative processing is complete. This process takes approximately 6 months but could take longer. There is no way to expedite this process. If the case is approved, your visa will be sent to you via DHL courier service.


If you have an ineligibility and the consular officer has decided to recommend a waiver on your behalf, you can check your application status which will appear as Refused until we receive a response. If the waiver and the visa are approved, your visa and passport will be sent to you via DHL courier service.

Waiver approvals involve two separate agencies: The Department of State, represented by the Consulate General, and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) which makes the final decision regarding whether a waiver is approved or denied. Bear in mind that there is no guarantee that the waiver will be approved. Factors involved in the decision to grant or deny the waiver include: the seriousness and frequency of any offense or immigration violations; the amount of time elapsed since the offense occurred; the potential danger to public safety; and the necessity for or urgency of the proposed trip to the U.S.


If your waiver is granted, your visa will be for a limited period.  The current waiting period for the two agencies to consider your case is approximately 6 months but could take longer.