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American Spaces
Compelling programs and activities on a wide range of themes and topics


American Spaces are open-access learning and gathering places around the world that promote interaction – both in-person and virtual – among local audiences and the United States. More than 600 American Spaces are located in universities, shopping malls, libraries and other public places, as well as on embassy compounds, in more than 140 countries.

In a welcoming American-themed environment, American Spaces deliver compelling programs and activities on a wide range of themes and topics — everything from free internet access to objective news publications to advanced technology to programs on freedom of cultural expression. For example, visitors may find

        • Educational advising for those who want to study in the U.S.
        • Workshops on a range of topics from career skills to English language learning
        • Classes and clubs introducing new technologies, 21st-century digital skills and academic resources
        • Films, discussions and lectures on entrepreneurship, leadership, current events, international affairs and much more
        • Visit one of the American Spaces below to learn more.

American Spaces include American Centers, American Corners, and Binational Centers, all of which operate on different models. The majority are managed through institutional partnerships that provide tremendous value, generally with rent-free space and no-cost staff support. Programs at American Spaces are free and open to the public, equipping the U.S. government with effective and attractive platforms for person-to-person foreign interaction on topics including media literacy, economic development and American culture, society, and values.

In Mexico we have all three types of American Spaces: An American Center, three American Corners, and three Binational Centers.

American Center -Mexico City -Benjamin Franklin Library

American Centers are typically located near or within U.S. embassies. The Benjamin Franklin Library is less than a 20-minute walk from the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City.

Franklin Corners

Franklin Corners are American Corners that are partnerships between the embassy’s public affairs section and host country institutions (universities, non-governmental organizations, schools, etc.). In Mexico, the Franklin Corners reside at universities and libraries for information communication and public diplomacy. Expanding the presence of the United States Mission in Mexico, American Corners introduce visitors to the true history of the United States. Each Corner – a cross- functional platform for programs, multimedia, and technology – promotes open dialogue, combats negative stereotypes and builds bridges of understanding. American Corners offer English language resources, alumni activities, cultural programs, educational tips, and information about the United States.

Binational Centers

The Binational Center (BNC) are private, autonomous local organizations dedicated to providing high-quality education in English and promoting mutual understanding between Mexico and the United States. In addition to hands-on learning opportunities, interactions, and cultural and alumni programs, many BNCs provide consulting and recruitment services for study and exchange programs in the United States. BNCs have independent financial and administrative management.

  • Instituto Mexicano Americano de Relaciones Culturales, A. C. (IMARC)
  • Instituto de RelacioneS Culturales en Monterrey
  • Instituto Franklin de Veracruz

American Spaces – The Office of American Spaces oversees a network of 600 open-access cultural centers. Learn more about AMERICAN SPACES


American Spaces in Mexico

Mexico City – BFL

BNC IMARC Hermosillo

BNC Instituto Franklin de Veracruz

BNC Instituto de Relaciones Culturales Monterrey

Franklin Corner Chihuahua

Franklin Corner Guadalajara

Franklin Corner – Tuxtla Gutierrez

American Spaces in Mexico