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Academic and Cultural Exchanges for Undergraduate Students

One Beat

One Beat

OneBeat is an international music exchange that celebrates musical collaboration and social engagement through innovative people-to-people diplomacy. Musicians (ages 19-35) from around the world come together in the U.S. for four weeks to collaboratively write, produce, and perform original music and develop ways that music can make a positive impact on our local and global communities. OneBeat balances three principles: dialogue, creation, and social engagement to foster mutual understanding and cooperation among citizens of the world.

Participation in this program is by invitation only. Applications or expressions of interest are not accepted.

Study of the U.S. Institutes for Student Leaders on Civic Engagement

SUSI Civic Engagement

The SUSI on Civic Engagement will provide participants with an overview of how citizens have shaped U.S. history, government, and society both as individuals and groups. The academic program will define civic engagement, examine its development in the United States, and explore topics such as active citizenship, community building, public policy, political leadership, and volunteerism. Academic sessions will be complemented with interactive sessions or workshops designed to build skills in the topics mentioned above. The Institute will encourage participants to develop innovative and practical plans to become engaged citizens in their own communities.




Study of the U.S. Institutes for Student Leaders on Women's Leadership

SUSI Indigenous and Afro Latinas

The SUSI on Women’s Leadership for Indigenous and Afro-Latina Women will provide participants with an overview of women leaders in the U.S. in government, business, the private sector, and academia. Topics may include, but are not limited to, history of women’s rights in the United States, women’s gender and racial issues including the struggle of the LGBTQI community for inclusion in the United States and Latin America, current challenges in global women’s issues such as the economic impact of the pandemic on women and girls’ lives, and the increasing role of indigenous and Afro-Latina women in their countries.