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Academic and Cultural Exchanges for Institutions

Annual Program Statement

U.S. Mission Mexico issues annual announcements of funding opportunities for individuals, non-profit organizations (including think tanks, educational institutions, civil society organizations, and NGOs), and government institutions.  Program proposals should strengthen cultural ties and mutual understanding between the U.S. and Mexico through cultural, economic, educational, or professional exchanges to highlight shared values and promote bilateral cooperation.
This call is currently open.

English Access Microscholarship

Access Scholarship

Access Program implementing partners provide English language, media literacy, environmental awareness, leadership, and other core skills to deserving teens through its scholarship component.  Other partners may offer alumni engagement programs and teacher training activities. Educational NGOs, universities, and Bi-National Centers among eligible implementing partners.

Participation in this program is by invitation only.


English Language Fellow

Fellows are U.S. citizens with a minimum of a master’s degree in TESOL and proven teaching experience. Their projects are fully in person; Fellows are assigned to an institution for an academic year (10 months), typically from late August to June. Fellows may provide direct language instruction at the college level, teach content-area subjects at the college level, conduct professional development workshops on English teaching methodology, lead teams in the development of academic projects, offer workshops, and more.


English Language Specialist

Specialists are U.S. citizens with a minimum of a master’s degree in TESOL, extensive teaching experience, and expertise in specific areas. They collaborate with institutions of higher education and their projects may be in person, online, or hybrid. Specialists may act as consultants, lead teams in the development of academic projects, provide specialized training in their areas of expertise, and more.


Virtual Educators

Virtual Educators are U.S. citizens with a minimum of a master’s degree in TESOL and proven teaching experience. Their projects offer online support for up to 10 hours per week to Mexican institutions of higher education. Among their duties, VEs can offer workshops on topics such as English teaching methodology, academic writing, exam preparation (TOEFL, GRE), and conversation, as well as team-teach and participate in academic events.


100K Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund

100,000 Strong in the Americas

The 100,000 Strong in the America Innovation Fund (100K Strong) supports dynamic higher education partnerships, increases student training and exchange opportunities, and strengthens regional education cooperation and competitiveness throughout the Americas. Mexico is the leading country in this hemispheric-wide education initiative to increase connections with U.S. higher education institutions to create new models of student exchange and training programs. Prior Innovation Fund projects have provided students with critical access to new opportunities to work in teams, solve real-world problems, and gain technical and linguistic skills – critical for today’s workforce. To date, the Innovation Fund has awarded 84 grants to teams of 110 unique higher education institutions in 29 U.S states and 23 Mexican states.

All 100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund applications must be submitted via the 100K Strong Portal.