Cultural and Other Exchanges

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The U.S. Government funds a number of professional and academic exchange programs that allow for the exchange of U.S. and Mexican citizens in a variety of fields. These exchanges provide short-term opportunities for professionals, academics, and young leaders to meet counterparts in the U.S., to participate in workshops that improve English language performance, to conduct research, and to develop networking, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

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"Jóvenes en Acción"

The Department of State, represented by the US Embassy in Mexico and the Mexican Ministry of Public Education, with support from the private sector, offer the program “Jóvenes en Acción” – Youth in Action. This program provides Mexican youth enrolled in their sophomore or junior year of high school a U.S. exchange opportunity to explore social issues affecting Mexico and the U.S., which culminates in the implementation of community service projects in Mexico over the academic year. Participants visit the United States for four weeks in the summer, meet likeminded American youth addressing similar social issues in their communities, practice their English, and develop their leadership skills.

Sports Diplomacy

Sports Diplomacy

The Embassy uses Sports Diplomacy as a way to build bridges and enhance people-to-people ties. Sports are a fun and effective way to reach strategic audiences such as at-risk youth and teach values including leadership, gender equality teamwork, nonviolence and community engagement.

Youth Councils

Youth Councils

Youth Councils in Mexico Mission Mexico, including the Embassy and several consulates, have established Youth Councils throughout Mexico. The Youth Councils are composed of young Mexicans, from 16 to 30 years of age, who are interested in working with the US government to develop their leadership voices and find new ways to work with their local communities toward positive change.

IVLP Program


The Embassy’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) sends an average of 50 current or potential leaders in government, politics, education, and other fields from Mexico to the U.S. each year to meet and confer with their counterparts and to experience the U.S. firsthand. Participants come from all walks of Mexican life.

Young Leaders of the Americas (YLAI) Fellows Program

The YLAI Professional Fellows program is a 5-week program for entrepreneurs, funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. YLAI brings 250 promising leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean each year to the United States to expand their leadership and entrepreneurial skills and network through skills-building workshops and opportunities to learn from and exchange with U.S. counterparts. This program is open to young entrepreneurs 25-35 years of age, selected for participation via a competitive applications process. More than 500 alumni of past YLAI Professional Fellows Programs maintain a cohesive network across Latin America and the Caribbean to support each other’s efforts to improve their own ventures, share best practices, and collaborate to reduce the opportunity gap and contribute to economic prosperity in their communities.